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Crowley Maritime

Crowley Maritime is a US based shipping company that provides diversified transportation services in the continental United States, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean Islands, Russia and other international markets. The company's liner services provide ocean transportation services between ports in Puerto Rico, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. Their cargo transportation services include the shipping of containers, trailers, vehicles and oversized cargo. They currently have a US Treasury license to ship goods to Cuba.

The Company competes with Horizon Lines, Trailer Bridge, Sea Star Line, Tropical Shipping, Maersk/Sealand, Seaboard and American President Line.

Why this company might benefit from a post-Embargo Cuba: Since Crowley is licensed by the US Treasury and is already shipping OFAC approved agricultural sales to Cuba, they are already in the market shipping to Cuba so they understand the Cuban port systems and customs.

Seaboard Marine

Seaboard Marine is a US based shipping company provides containerized cargo shipping service to over 25 countries between the United States, the Caribbean Basin and Central and South America. Seaboard's primary marine operation is located in Miami and includes a 70-acre terminal located at the Port of Miami. Seaboard also has a 135,000 square foot warehouse for cargo consolidation and temporary storage. Although this company can qualify for a US Treasury license to ship goods from the US to Cuba, it is not shipping to Cuba at this time.

Why this company might benefit from a post-Embargo Cuba: This is a very large organization but it is our understanding that they made a corporate decision to NOT ship US agricultural goods to Cuba so long as a Castro is President. This decision was made because there are Cuban exiles and/or people with Cuban heritage inside the company that do not want to do business with Cuba. So, even if the Embargo is lifted, Seaboard Marine may choose to opt out of this huge business opportunity for personal reasons to the detriment of their stockholders.


Trailer Bridge

Trailer Bridge is a US based marine transportation company operating between Jacksonville Florida, San Juan Puerto Rico and Puerto Plata Dominican Republic. It allows tractor trailer trucks to drive onto their shallow draft boats and drive off when the boat reaches it's port destination. Trailer Bridge owns the largest fleet of shallow draft vessels.

The Company competes with Horizon Lines, Crowley Maritime Corporation and SaltChuk Resources, Inc.

Why this company might benefit from a post-Embargo Cuba: When the trade Embargo is lifted against US citizens and businesses, I expect large and ongoing shipments of humanitarian aid, building supplies, food, home goods and many other materials that will be shipped to Cuba. Since many ports in Cuba are too shallow for modern container ships, Trailer Bridge should benefit the most out of all the shipping companies with its large fleet of shallow draft vessels.


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Note: US investors should seek compete legal advice when investing in companies that generate revenues from operations in Cuba since ownership of stock in such companies may violate US Treasury restrictions.

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